Let me start by saying that I love having chickens.

I started thinking about having chickens several years ago when I saw a comparison of a cake baked with fresh eggs and a cake baked with store bought eggs. The difference to me was mind blowing. The density of the cake was different, the texture was different and from what I read the taste was different.

This of course lead to more research.

What would chicken keeping entail? How much would it cost? Where would I get them? Could they survive the LA heat waves and occasional winter chills? So on and so forth.

I had to get all of these questions answered before I even mentioned it to the Hubsy. Since I have already subjected this man to two 120lb dogs and the worlds greatest cat. He of course has say in any new and future animal obtainment.

When I first mentioned it he shot the idea down without question. Honestly who can blame him. He never signed up to live on a farm and the first thing I think of when I think chicken keeping is FARM. Even with me being extremely convincing it took me over a year to convince him!

Alas in the end I prevailed and we now have a wonderful, productive little brood.

While I will get into the actual details of what chicken keeping entails, the right breeds to get, where to get them, how I designed and made our coop, and whether or not it is right for you all in later posts. I felt that giving you a brief overview of what we have wound up with would be only fair!

So ladies and gentlemen, meet our ladies!

We started with six several day old chicks. I got them from a local farm that will deliver them to you. Check them out HERE.

We got two Easter Eggers, named Cookie and Butter. Two Red Stars (or Sexlinks) named Mrs. Potts and Willow. And two Rhode Island Reds, named Sparkles and Belle. The kids were given the choice on the names…

Can wait to tell you all about this new adventure.

Be well and be happy!



Winston Keeping an eye on the chicks