Hospital Bag Checklist from a Mom of three…

For a first time mom the idea of having a baby can be overwhelming enough, but going to the hospital adds in an entire additional level of unknown. 

How long will I be there?  What do they provide? What if I don’t bring enough? What if I bring too much? 

In reality, I can’t imagine very many things that could be forgotten or circumstances that would be world ending. However, that being said if you are a planner – like me, it is better to know what could be useful!

Having been through labor and delivery a few times and each a different way I know what I would bring if I did it again.

For my last delivery I did a few things a little different. I packed an “Mama’s in Labor” bag separate from my recovery bag. I knew that if things didn’t go as planned and I went into labor early or whatever unexpected circumstance, I wouldn’t have to dig though a huge bag full of things I didn’t need in labor. I did at the request of my husband, who had just gotten a new car, put waterproof pads at the top of this bag – just under the directions to the hospital. He was TERRIFIED that my water would break on the way and his poor new leather seats would be covered in amniotic fluid. This image was hilarious to me then and even funnier to me now.

My all time FAVORITE purchase that I made for my entire delivery and recovery kit/supplies were these Labor socks. I had nurses from other wings coming in just to see the socks! And I can proudly say that mid the “ring of fire” pushing out my beautiful little girl, I did look down at my little feet of inspiration and push a little harder!


One thing I never thought of was the fact that the Hospital does provide you with a bunch of things. Off the top of my head:

  • MESH UNDERWEAR! These sound scary but are literally life saving
  • Waterproof pads
  • Pads (extra large and long ones)
  • Pain relievers
  • Gowns (I did bring my own because it was cute and made me WAY more comfortable)
  • Food for Mama
  • Shirts for baby
  • Diapers for baby (They use Pampers which I am not a huge fan of – I don’t like the smell)
  • Wipes for baby
  • Nose sucker (bulb syringe)
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hats for Babe
  • Swaddles (the hospital ones with the blue stripe)

I’m sure there are other things but thats all that is coming to mind now.

It is good to know and I’m SO happy one of the nurses told me, once you’ve opened something in the hospital it is better to use it all or take it home. You will be billed for it anyways! My mom, bless her, cleaned out my hospital room! And I was SO thankful she did! She even asked for extra mesh underwear to take home because I loved them so much!

Below is my edited down list of what I would, without a doubt bring to my next delivery.

In the pictures I put the exact images of what I used or had (for most of the things). I will add links a little later on, for any of you that are interested. Until then comment below if you have any questions!

The important thing I would tell any new mom is, no matter what, bring what makes you comfortable. Labor is hard and trying on our bodies, no matter how you go about it. For me I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT sleep without my pillow. So I brought it. We came in with 4 bags and endured the jokes and teasing. But these things made me worry less. I did not in anyway use everything I brought but I was 100% happy that I had it just in case I did want it or did need it.

Hope these words of wisdom help you worry a little less.

Be well and be happy,


Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist in Pictures

Hospital Bag Checklist in Pictures