Mama Postpartum Checklist

There is nothing your body goes through like giving birth.

No matter how you deliver that little ball of sunshine there is still the postpartum period that is never the highlight of movies or novels.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there definitely is that cute moment with mom holding her little bundle of nugget-ness for the first time and the heart melting connection that follows.

Before that though, there is let’s face it, blood, gore and a very large need for showers.

All that being said, having gone through it a time or three I’ve got a system down!

I split these necessities into three baskets. One beside the bed for Mama, one beside the bed that had nursing supplies in it and one in the bathroom.

The Nursing Supplies

– Breast Ice packs – these were so good mainly because they can be microwaved for warm relief or frozen for cooling relief. Both of which I needed when my milk came in.

– Nursing Bras – feel like these are self explanatory.

– Nipple Shields & Case – I did not need these for all of my babies. My first I DEFINITELY did and for my third they were a wonderful thing to have on hand. I did not use them nearly as much but for the brief chapping and cracking they definitely took some of the sting out of latching on.

– Nursing Cream – Helps keep things lubricated to reduce friction and chapping.

– Nursing Gel Pads – These like both the cream and the ice packs were wonderful. Probably my most recommended nursing necessity for a new mom. They create a cooling effect that relieves the pain and sting that happens when you’re adjusting to nursing.

– Reusable Nursing Pads – These are SO much easier on your nipples when you first start nursing, no matter how many times you have done it in the past. The scabbing that happens after the cracking and such sticks to the disposable pads.

– Disposable Nursing Pads – good for the day today after you get going.

– Mothers Milk Tea – Helps build up a good supply from the get go!

– Milkflow – my savior in helping me keep my supply up long enough to make it to 6 months despite a working schedule. I got mine off of amazon.


– Overnight Pads – These are good to keep that flow under control.

– Perineal Cold Packs – THESE WERE A LIFE SAVIOR!!!! They are a overnight pad and an ice pack in one package. They reduce swelling, are easy and clean and are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I can’t recommend them enough. I bought mine off of amazon.

– Epsom Salts – Good for relaxing and reducing swelling.

– Peri Bottles & Betadine – Mixing 1 part Betadine and 3 parts warm water in a peri bottle and cleaning the nether regions has been recommended to help keep infections away by every single doctor, midwife and doula I have interviewed or used.

– Dermoplast Pain Reliever – Good for down there pain relief and swelling.

– Tucks – Good for down there pain relief and swelling.

– Hemorrhoid Cream – For pesky hemorrhoids (I only had these with my last and not a fun experience)

– Herbal Bath – Relaxing and helps the healing process along.


– Waterproof Underpads – I kept these under me the first few days for leaks and such. I did not want to ruin my bed.

– Heating Pad – After pains are a real thing. The heating pad definitely helped with them and made it not quite so unbearable (as a note I did not have after pains with my first, I have been told this is really only experienced by second time moms and beyond).

– Belly Bandit – This was a new experiment for me and I liked it. I will be up front and let you know that it was NOT comfortable, but it really did help get my skin back faster than without and I used it on my third which I thought if it couldn’t help a third time mom tummy it wasn’t worth it – but it did!

– Tums – Tummy troubles and indigestion are not worth losing the little sleep a new mommy gets. Better to have these on hand and not need them.

– Motrin – Speaks for itself.

– Stool Softener – As I’m sure you could imagine that first time you gotta go after just delivering a human body is slightly terrifying. Make it a little easier and get yourself some of these little helpers. 🙂

– Gas Relief – I was in so much cramp pain after my third I ended up calling my doctor because I swore something was wrong. She told me I had gas! I couldn’t believe it but she was right! Took one and gas was gone!

– Snacks – Because nursing makes you hungry

– Chocolate – There is always a reason to have chocolate and having a baby is a double reason

– Water Bottle – Staying hydrated helps milk supply, energy levels and getting rid of that water weight to pack on at the end of pregnancy.

I kept enough stock in each basket to last a few times through.

Hope this helps.

Be well and be happy


Mama's Postpartum Checklist

Mama Postpartum Checklist