In order to give you the whole story I actually have to start before she was even conceived. 

Let’s go back to the beginning…

Hubsy and I were not expecting to have kids as early as we did. We had just gotten married and we’re LOVING the newly wed life. 

At the time I had a chronic gastrointestinal condition that we had decided to try and treat with Antibiotics after many unsuccessful attempts with other remedies. I was under weight and exhausted physically. So onto antibiotics I went. 

Two or three weeks into these something was noticeably absent. Ms. Flow had not made her usual appearance. I was on birth control and assumed that it was just another fluke that came with the never ending body problems I had been going through. 

A trip to the doctor and 5 tests later we discovered it was not a mysterious additional symptom, it was a baby! We had NO idea but apparently antibiotics can counteract birth control and that little baby inside of me was full proof. 

Sadly 10 weeks into this wonderful and unexpected adventure my body couldn’t support both of us and I miscarried. While this was one of the most devastating things I have ever experienced it was a blessing in disguise because it gave us Miss Princess. 

After our tragedy we were already so with the mind set of having a baby that we decided to try again. Four months of trying and failing I was ready to give up, which of course is the exact moment (the day later to be precise) when we found out Miss Princess was on her way. 

The early part of pregnancy with her was pretty uneventful. I had a bit of spotting in the beginning but was blessed with no morning sickness, a tiny bit of exhaustion and a slowly expanding belly. 

About 7 1/2 months into our long and heartfelt journey I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia. I had gained close to 45lbs at that point and was so swollen I looked like a balloon. Being VERY young and having very little idea what this was or meant long term or short term for that matter. I argued this until the cows came home. 

There was no way that I could possibly have a pregnancy condition not to mention one that put me on bed rest and was life threatening. 

We had been planning on delivering at a Birth Center and this condition was about to throw that out the window. I went to specialist after specialists in an effort to find someone who would say that I was fine, finally landing with someone who said that it was a mild case. And just like that we were mostly back on track. Yes, still on bed rest and with MUCH more frequent Doctor visits and diet restrictions. But back on track nonetheless. 

About a week before my due date my midwife decided it was best to get things moving along by stretching my cervix (or sweeping my membranes) this was THE MOST PAINFUL THING. Period. 

It worked like a charm. She did this at 5pm the night before princess was born. 

I had no idea what to expect. I had watched birth story after birth story after birth story. I had spent literally hours on YouTube, baby sites as in books trying to prepare myself. I had of course given myself the pessimistic view that I would be in labor for 24 hours and never want to have a baby again. HA!

So cervix stretched and body tired I went to sleep – I slept surprisingly well that night actually. 

Cue my normal morning pee trip I got out of bed at my usual time 7:30 am ish, I stood up and heard a “pop” followed by a *gush* of water down my legs. 

It honestly took me a second to put it all together. I actually thought I had peed myself for a second! But no sir! My water had just broke! 

I of course felt like I had been dropped into a movie. 

Yelling at the Hubsy “Honey, wake up!” – Nothing. Damn him and his ability to sleep like a rock. 

Again… “Honey, wake up!” 

“I’m awake” he mumbled rolling over. 

I actually started laughing! Cue the thing that would get him out of bed faster than a rocket… “My water just broke!” 

I have never seen him sit up so fast nor will I ever forget his face or what he said next! 

“Ok! Wait, what do we do?” 

Hahahahaha!!!!! Still funny to this day. 

He was so sweet practically carrying his giant – slightly wet wife into the shower – after I peed of course. 

The contractions started and were whole body convulsions – to be honest they were WAY more than I expected. I tried to breath (or grunt more like!) through them while Hubsy was on the phone with the midwife. 

She said go ahead and walk around, try to sleep if you can and make sure to time them. Call back when they are about 5 minutes apart and come in around 10 am

We hung up and I stood in the shower trying to stay quiet and not wake the whole house up as both our parents were actively awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild! 

Hubsy, who is a techy to say the least, got out his app and started timing. 

First contraction. 3 minutes. Second contraction. 3 minutes. Third contraction.  3 minutes. 

Fourth contraction. 3 minutes. 

Wait! My water just broke. I was supposed to have a build up! I was supposed to have hours before this point. 

Of course he was on the phone with the midwife and before I knew it we we in the car by 8:15 am and on our way to the birth center in Wednesday morning Los Angeles Traffic. 

We got there by 8:45.m and my contractions were coming in under two minutes apart. 

She checked me and I was at 8cm. 

I had gone from 2cm to 8cm in an hour and 15 minutes. It was no wonder my body felt like it was being torn apart with each contraction. 

I started to feel like I needed to push around 9:30 am . I wanted a water birth so into the tub we went. 

Considering her staff didn’t arrive until 10 am my mom was acting as her assistant! And what a wonderful one she was at that! 

20 minutes of pushing and my beautiful princess was born at 9:50 amon a sunny April morning. 

My entire labor was just under 2 1/2 hours. 

My midwife, who had delivered close to 3000 babies before she stopped practicing had never seen a first time mom deliver in the time I did.

While it was short it was far from sweet. I explain it as having 5 or 10 hours of work squeezed too tightly into 2 1/2 hours. It’s like my pain was compounded on top of itself. I ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree tears because our little girl came out so fast. Eek! I couldn’t sit for 3 weeks! And recovery was another cycle in itself. Unbelievable to be honest. 

I was tired, sore and proud. She was more beautiful than I could have imagined and for the first time my heart belonged completely and solely to someone else. (Hubsy is a different kind of love)

As for how she was as an infant, lets just say my Hubsy nails it on the head when he says, “She came out with a bang and screaming and hasn’t stopped.” Six years later. 

But, say she’s anything other than perfect and we’ll have more than words! She is my little Princess and the kindest soul you’ll ever meet. But that’s all for another post. 

Hope you like my story as much as the Hubsy likes telling it… 😉 

Be well and be happy. 


Birth Center Birth Story
Minutes after Miss Princess was born and loving every second!