Every single thing about my son is and has been easy (excluding potty training). My pregnancy and delivery were no different. 

When my Princess was 1 1/2,  I was completely taken over by baby fever. 

As with any decision to have a new baby, you end up with a list of things to do before you even start trying. 

And I had a list. Let me tell you. 

I was going to be at my pre-baby weight. I was going to have a ridiculous amount of money in savings. I was going to have job security, a pony and a castle and a Porsche.  Just kidding on those last few. But in all seriousness, I had a huge list. 

About a week before Christmas the city had a HUGE power outage and Hubsy and I had no choice but to sit and talk for hours after Miss Princess was in bed. 

What did we spend the glorious one-on-one time talking about, you ask? We were talking baby, obviously. Going over every point on my list – and his. 

Finally, still slightly overwhelmed by the number of things we had to do, I asked if we would ever NOT have a list… To my surprise he said, “You’re right, we will always have a list, let’s do it.”

Ha! You should have seen the look on my face. I WAS RIGHT! I mean, I always am, but those were not the words I was expecting to hear! 

I had been tracking my cycle, seen the dentist, read countless books and researched more than any person rightly should. I felt ready – besides the pony, of course.

I thought it would take months – it took us nearly 5 months to get pregnant with my daughter, so I assumed it would be at least that.  

To my surprise three weeks later and no visit from Ms. Flow. 

We weren’t even trying that hard if you get my meaning. But there we were, pregnant!! 

It was a wonderful surprise.

Since I had already been planning to get pregnant for months, I was hard at work on my ginormous list. I was already fully preparing my body for baby. I was taking a daily prenatal, not drinking, eating well, taking extra folic acid, exercising and mentally preparing myself. And to top it all off I had spent a LOT of time thinking over how I wanted this pregnancy to go. 

One thing the hubs and I had talked  about over and over again was not finding out the sex of the baby. Which is CRAZY I know, but we were totally into it. This is NOT for everyone. 

I also decided for this baby I wanted to have a home birth. Since my last delivery was faster than either of us anticipated, we thought that would be our best option (in addition to me wanting to be as comfortable as possible). I also LOVED the idea of a baby’s first space being a safe and warm home. 

With these plans set I began searching for a midwife. 

We found the perfect one – or two actually. The practice was two ladies who had been delivering babies at home for years. They were priced right around what we were willing to spend, open to our preferences and completely on board with my detailed pregnancy goals. 

My whole pregnancy was surprisingly easy and pretty uneventful. I was gaining a healthy amount of weight, feeling great and not a single sign of preeclampsia. My little nugget was growing right on track and seemed perfectly comfortable. The only negative was  around 36 weeks,  I started to wake up every other night around 4:00 am with back pain and Braxton hicks, so every night I’d get up around 4:30 am-ish and take a bath then go back to bed or knit or watch 80’s action movies. Which didn’t upset me every much, since I like all of those things 

So as time went on I got to be really big, sadly I happen to do that each and every pregnancy, which of course is when people – complete random strangers, feel the need to ask you about it. The second anyone heard that we didn’t know the sex they were completely astounded! And of course HAD to tell us what they thought it was or in too many cases what they were positive it was. 

But all in all I honestly loved this pregnancy, even with the nightly midnight bath and movies. 

Baby was happy and healthy and I was happy and healthy. We were in love with our midwife had a great plan and we’re pretty much ready with all our gender neutral newborn necessities. 

So there I was anxiously awaiting my due date and again, getting rather large. At around 2 weeks before baby was due I had reached my end. I wanted baby out. I hit a crazy overly nesting point where I was changing my sheets daily and taking dished out of people’s hands to wash them. Not to mention FREAKING out because baby only had yellow! 

Of course as fate would have it my charming nugget was almost two weeks late! 

I had done every single thing anyone I know could think of to get baby out, short of medically inducing. 

There is a restaurant in Sherman Oaks that has a salad that is known to start labor. They even have a book they have pregnant women sign! I had it twice a day for 5 days. Nothing. 

The night of the iPhone release Hubsy, mom and I went to get our new phones. I had hoped that walking around the mall would do something. 

Nothing – or so I thought. 

That night – or morning as it were, I got up around 4:30 am with mild cramps. Got in the bath and tried to relax. No go. I got out my brand new iPhone to start timing the contractions or “cramps” and because I had the new phone with its fancy new updated software that was just released that day, none of my apps worked! So, being me I thought it was nothing and kept up the “trying to relax” thing I was doing. 

At about 5:30 am I decided that they were actually painful and went to wake the Hubsy up. Shaking my darling husband awake I told him that these hurt more than normal but I couldn’t time them because my apps wouldn’t work.  

He was such a trooper and got up so quick, fixing the phone – somehow and started timing while I got back in the bath. 4 minutes apart. 

He was on the phone with the midwife while I was trying to explain to him in some crazy delirium that there was no way I was actually in labor… 

She was on her way before we had even hung up, despite my “I’m not in labor” attempts. 

Since a home birth was a new concept for both of us I had put a checklist by the bed of things to do once labor started and all of the supplies we’d need. 

After hubs hung up with the the midwife he told me he was going to go change the sheets and start getting things ready. I barely remember what I said to him but there were several swear words involved and maybe an accusation or two of him doing this to me and that he better not leave! 

Poor guy calmly and sweetly asked me how to get the bed and such ready then. Thank god my mom was in town or it never would have happened. 

Somehow at some point I made it from the bathroom to the made and birth ready bed, the whole time trying to convince both hubs and my mom I wasn’t in labor. 

One thing I’ll never forget with this delivery was chills. I had the worst chills. About 2 hrs in we had had the heater going to help with the full body shakes and blew a fuse! 

Hubsy had to call the landlord at 6 am to figure out where the circuit breaker was. “Sorry Jim, my wife’s in labor and we just blew a fuse. Can’t find the circuit breaker.” Bet you he’ll never have another call like that! 

The midwife arrived at about 6:45 am – damn Los Angeles construction. She checked me first thing. I was 8 cm dilated. Which was the only thing that convinced me I was actually in labor! 

Hubs was lucky she got there right when she did because just a few minutes later I started pushing. 

We had agreed long before having kids that there was no way he would be catching baby unless there was no other option – there are just some things you can’t un-see. 

A few pushes and my little man was born at 7:03 am

He was perfect in every single way. He came out, cried a little, opened his eyes to look at me, sighed and fell asleep. 

He stole my heart in that one moment and will have it always. 

Be well and be happy. 



Miss Princess meeting her little brother for the first time.