Before I was even pregnant with Olive I had picked out the photographer for our maternity shoot.

Her name is Jenna and she is amazing. I had followed her on instagram (here) for over a year and had stalked every photoshoot she did.

There is an ease and airiness to her photos that called to me in a way I hadn’t found elsewhere.

As it turns out my husband went to school with her so getting in touch with her the second I announced our pregnancy was a piece of cake. Luckily enough….

I hate, absolutely hate, having my picture taken. I almost always hate photos of myself and not being a photographer, I have no understanding of what it takes to accomplish the pictures I had dreamed of. I had an idea (and of course a Pinterest board) of what I wanted but no idea how to describe the look or feel. She was amazing and talked me through everything. Eagerly went through my Pinterest board with me and was as determined as I was to get the shots I wanted.

I couldn’t possibly do the shoot, the pictures she got, or her justice so I will just leave them here for you to enjoy. If you want to check it and her out this is the blog post on our shoot (or stalk her photos like I did)…

Be well and be happy!