I feel like everyone I know is pregnant right now.

Which is crazy because for the first time in years there is NO chance of pregnancy on my horizon… sticking to that five year plan. Besides three kids, two dogs and a husband who works all the time is PLENTY to work with.

I look at these moms, growing these little miracles and wonder about those little lives, which haven’t even begun in a sense, yet there is so much in the works for them already! With baby showers and nurseries, names and birth plans, these little people get so much love and support. It tears me up in my own non-hormonal way.

The best part is that my two best friends both happen to be expecting, which is perfect if you ask me! Keep that baby fever at bay.

I get asked a lot about my deliveries, pregnancies and how I seem to be so “on-top-of-things” for having three kids.

Even so, there is so much that makes me feel, on a daily basis, that everything I am doing just isn’t enough.

When its late and the kids are all finally asleep, the dishes are basically done and the dogs have wound down for the evening, I still wonder if I did enough. Did they get enough stimulation? Why didn’t I read them just one more story? Was there too much sugar in the “all-fruit” popsicle they had for dessert? And so on and so forth.

I forget that even before they were larger than a grain of rice, I have loved and cherished their little hearts and minds. I have thought ten steps ahead and 15 steps behind to create the life that I know each of them deserve.

So I raise my glass to all those new moms who, without even realizing it, have begun the exact same journey that I sit here pondering.

There is nothing in this life, or any for that matter, that a mom can’t do.

And to all you new moms and seasoned moms, never forget your efforts. Those efforts shape and grow those little minds and hearts. Look at them, and remember that you did that. You.

Be well and be happy


Family photo in Oct 2015 before Miss Flower was born